• What is a Männerbund? Well to dumb it down it’s a society of sexually moral males or a brotherhood, what this society is for depends on the agenda of the individuals; it can be anything. You can read more here http://www.socialmatter.net/2016/02/23/mannerbund-101/. Now paleolibertarianism(for anyone who isn’t familiar with it) is just economic libertarianism and cultural conservatism/traditionalism, read here for more info http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Paleolibertarianism, look into Hans Herman Hoppe, and google propertarianism. 

         Why do I think Männerbunds are the key to the paleolibertarian movement? Well because there is no order within the movement. It’s just a bunch of people posting memes on the internet, sharing information, and voicing their perspective to the opposition or like minded individuals. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s effective to an extent; I’m a prime example. Memes got me to google things, articles show me what’s happening around the wrong, articles showed me other people’s perspectives on many types of “isms”, and I wouldn’t be who I am without all that information. The issue is that it only goes so far, it’s like fishing in a lake that is running out of water. You can catch only a small amount of fish until the lake dries out. What the fisherman would need to do is bait the fish into a safer area before the lake runs out and repopulate it. Probably a bad metaphor but I hope anyone reading this gets the gist. We’re spread out all over the US(and possibly the world), we all have a life, some have schooling, families, jobs, economic issues, etc… I understand this stop most from actually organizing, I only hope a fresh young paleolibertarian is reading this that has a heart of passion like myself for actual change within his community. Men theoughout history took what they wanted through Männerbund, defended themselves and their communities with Männerbunds, and change what they wanted with Männerbunds. I’m not advocating degenerate Männerbunds like in the past but paleolibertarian Männerbunds for a better future. Though Männerbunds we can do what Hans Hermann Hoppe advocates here https://mises.org/library/what-must-be-done-0. All this can work, we just need to act on this while we can! Now there’s a lot to explain which I will in other posts!

Now I’m m not sure who will read this, how informed you are, what race you are, age, economic class or anything at all; I can only home this get you to seek out more information and do something with it. Share this up, who knows who will read this and get this started!  


4 thoughts on “Männerbund and Paleolibertarianism: A combination for a new and better world

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