Now every Right Libertarian has a part in this movement if they choose to do so. As right libertarian individuals we have forgotten the main reason for our movement; order. Within our movement all we have disorder and the Männerbund  is the solution to our disorder. This is what would need to happen:

  • Create at least one or two Libertarian Männerbund within each state 
  • Make sure each individual within the Männerbund is loyal, educated, cultured, and is morally principled 
  • They must be physically fit and trained 
  • Their households must be stable both morally and economically 
  • Their family must be morally principled and promote non degenerate behaviors 
  • Implement Hans Hermann Hoppe idea on tackling the state
  • Stay loyal, moral, happy, and keep the brotherhood strong 

This is only the basic points towards a libertarian order, this would take time and patience. The main idea of libertarianism is decentralization, this is the decentralization at its purest form before totally individualism. 


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