The Sobornost and libertarianism: A collective of moral traditional individuals 

So what does this have to do with libertarianism and reaching a goal for some type of sovereignty and/or some type of imperium once every falls apart? Well organic unity of course. Now this idea wouldn’t work with the average libertarian, the average libertarian advocates for degeneracy and like I said in my other article, degeneracy indirectly violates the NAP. Violation of the NAP is a direct attack on property rights and individual rights. Now this would only work with paleolibertarians, libertarians that promote social traditionalism and conservativism. Values like that are collective but only to a certain extent, essentially a organic collective yet without any organization. 

The idea that we all individuals is fine but there need to be a fine line to how individualized we can be in the modern age. Essentially there’s chaos everywhere and it’s all normalized. People walk around everyday without any principles or morals. These people may not be bad people but they still are a product of this post modern nihilism and are a reason for all this chaos. As moral entities we have a duty to provide some type of order if we can or at least promote it. Organization is definitely needed in these time and we must promote the Sobornost and not individualism. 


Degeneracy and the NAP: How promoting degeneracy violates the NAP

  • Now firstly these are the definitions of degenerate/degeneracy, secondly this is the non aggression principle
  • When thinking about it, degeneracy can be subjective depending on the subject matter but to make this claim you must also think morality is subjective, that there’s no truth to what is moral; this thinking is degenerate. Now I’ll say this with confidence that 99% of the population on this planet is a dengenerate in some shape or form, it does matter how much and what kind of degenerate he or she is. I’ll go by this definition for now since it’s more of a objective stance on the subject “to diminish in quality, especially from a former state of coherence, balance, integrity, etc.”, by this definition most people would agree that society has fallen down this path but the question is why? 
  • Well for one the increase spending on welfare programs don’t pay out 
  • the civil rights movement decreased private property rights(affirmative action), 
  • minimum wage increase, 
  • acceptance of possible mental disorders in society as normal(homosexuality and transsexualism, I say this because our culture has shifted towards accepting these acts rather than trying to learn more about them)
  • nihilism 
  •  forced multiculturalism, 
  • promiscuity
  • addictions 
  • materialism 
  • Atheism(I say this as a pantheist because the average person need to believe in something greater than themselves or else they’ll become nihilistic in their ways)       

All these thing and more have destroyed society to what it is now and there’s more to go. 

Now your probably wonder what all that ranting was about and how does all that violate the NAP? Short and simply it’s like this. As government grew to take over our lives in many way like education, the once free market, the news, and Hollywood, they began to shift our culture. Now children are controlled by the public schools while their parents are out working to provide for their family, this creates a detachment from their family; especially if the income is low. Children are developing mental issues because of lack of love and discipline(possibly other source too but generally speaking), this can make them more promiscuous and rebellious in a negative way. Promiscuity doesn’t allow these individuals to be able to settle down with a mentally stable individual(if they ever do settle down), this is why people say that certain individuals have mommy or daddy issues. This can eventually create a destructive household and possibly a single parent/child without one of their parents in their life, statistically all of this is degenerate. The “free” market is now almost completely synthetic due to regulations, this creates monopolies that can’t fail even if the people call for their failure. This makes everything expensive on top of the minimum wage increases discriminates workers without experience or with very little experience. This can put more people on welfare and creates a dependency on the state for its resources(especially single parents). People on welfare are more likely to abuse drugs and commit crimes. 

Atheists are more likely to be social liberals, social liberals advocate for state intervention, they advocate for ignorance, and they advocate for emotionalism. Without a God as a greater moral entity they look toward the state as one(per say), this is dangerous. Atheism also promotes nihilism, what is life without a greater good to live for? What is the meaning to life? Is there a meaning to life? Logically no, says the atheist, there is no proof to any meaning in life, a meaning is life would be subjective and this generally is their collective mindset. There are the humanists which is a moral atheistic stand point but their downfall is that they most likely are egalitarians, now how would they achieve equality? State intervention of course. Some of these can be concluded to be degenerate though just logical thinking but others statistical analysis. Google whatever you need to, don’t just listen to me.  
Now I can rant on and on and on but I hope you see my point. No it’s not that the state is promoting degeneracy(even though it is) but that we are accepting degeneracy are normal. We are accepting nihilism. We are accepting state intervention. People say “Let everyone do what they want as long as it doesn’t effect me” even though it is effecting you. We need to shift this culture, we must promote propertarianism and traditionalism as the basis of a cultural movement. A Männerbund can achieve this if that is their goal, it’s all about the domino effect. 

To conclude this rant, degeneracy promots anti property qualities within our culture. This violates the NAP. 
This is a touchy subject so comment below if you’re willing to debate. 

The Libertarian Männerbund Manifesto 

Now every Right Libertarian has a part in this movement if they choose to do so. As right libertarian individuals we have forgotten the main reason for our movement; order. Within our movement all we have disorder and the Männerbund  is the solution to our disorder. This is what would need to happen:

  • Create at least one or two Libertarian Männerbund within each state 
  • Make sure each individual within the Männerbund is loyal, educated, cultured, and is morally principled 
  • They must be physically fit and trained 
  • Their households must be stable both morally and economically 
  • Their family must be morally principled and promote non degenerate behaviors 
  • Implement Hans Hermann Hoppe idea on tackling the state
  • Stay loyal, moral, happy, and keep the brotherhood strong 

This is only the basic points towards a libertarian order, this would take time and patience. The main idea of libertarianism is decentralization, this is the decentralization at its purest form before totally individualism. 

Männerbund and Paleolibertarianism: A combination for a new and better world

  • What is a Männerbund? Well to dumb it down it’s a society of sexually moral males or a brotherhood, what this society is for depends on the agenda of the individuals; it can be anything. You can read more here Now paleolibertarianism(for anyone who isn’t familiar with it) is just economic libertarianism and cultural conservatism/traditionalism, read here for more info, look into Hans Herman Hoppe, and google propertarianism. 

         Why do I think Männerbunds are the key to the paleolibertarian movement? Well because there is no order within the movement. It’s just a bunch of people posting memes on the internet, sharing information, and voicing their perspective to the opposition or like minded individuals. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s effective to an extent; I’m a prime example. Memes got me to google things, articles show me what’s happening around the wrong, articles showed me other people’s perspectives on many types of “isms”, and I wouldn’t be who I am without all that information. The issue is that it only goes so far, it’s like fishing in a lake that is running out of water. You can catch only a small amount of fish until the lake dries out. What the fisherman would need to do is bait the fish into a safer area before the lake runs out and repopulate it. Probably a bad metaphor but I hope anyone reading this gets the gist. We’re spread out all over the US(and possibly the world), we all have a life, some have schooling, families, jobs, economic issues, etc… I understand this stop most from actually organizing, I only hope a fresh young paleolibertarian is reading this that has a heart of passion like myself for actual change within his community. Men theoughout history took what they wanted through Männerbund, defended themselves and their communities with Männerbunds, and change what they wanted with Männerbunds. I’m not advocating degenerate Männerbunds like in the past but paleolibertarian Männerbunds for a better future. Though Männerbunds we can do what Hans Hermann Hoppe advocates here All this can work, we just need to act on this while we can! Now there’s a lot to explain which I will in other posts!

Now I’m m not sure who will read this, how informed you are, what race you are, age, economic class or anything at all; I can only home this get you to seek out more information and do something with it. Share this up, who knows who will read this and get this started!